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aw jeez...no way....I'm back.... yeah yeah....I know i said I was… - datsyuk
aw jeez...no way....I'm back....

yeah yeah....I know i said I was leaving Lj cuz all it did was create drama...but guess what...


Can I get a woop woop?....guess not...

Yes, I am here from glorious Muncie Indiana (Ball State University)...ok so its not so glorious, but I do absolutly love it here. I've made some great freinds already. (without forgeting about all you guys back home, if I could bring you all here I would) but yeah classes are good. It's wierd being in 50 min. classes monday, wednesday, and friday cuz after bein in 86 min. classes for 3 years it's like how the hell can we get anything done in only 50 min.? but we do. SO. I joined a Sketch Comedy show here on campus called "Something Else TV". It's freakin AMAZING. our 1st episode of the season just came out on monday called "Slime and DLD0s" don't understand the title?...oh well...Watch the damn episode. (it's on the website, www.somethingelsetv.com) Also I am in the marching band which is kind of wierd cuz apparently in past years the band has been a joke to people, undiciplined and such, but now we have a new director and it's amazing...think Dr. Butts whoose jokes are are actually Funny, and doesnt have to worry about any backlash from parents for his actions. This guy is amazing.

so I think that is all for now...just giving an update so far to collegge life....

and todays random fack of the day is a regulation MLB baseball has 108 stitches in it.

Current Mood: excited Excited 4 the home game sat.
Current Music: Ready for you - Hoobastank

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hellinabox From: hellinabox Date: September 22nd, 2006 01:11 am (UTC) (Link)
nice to hear from you. guess college is more fun than here?
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