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"During every man's life he will lose a battle, but what makes him a man, is that during the battle, he doesnt lose himself."

During the battle, I did lose myself. but, the battle is not over, and I have now found myself.

maybe I am becoming a Man.
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"Good Morning Baby!!"...

I never knew I could miss it so much. I cant believe I took it for granted. but waking up without my love saying "Good morning baby!!" is the hardest thing ive done the past 3 mornings...I miss it just as much as I miss those other 3 words..."I Love you"...

I've got no one left who will say it with the same meaning... I've got no one left who loved me that way...

how could I be so stupid to take these little things for granted?...

Current Mood: depressed depressed

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Last night a quiet leader was finally honored in Joe Lewis Arena. Steve Yzerman's number 19 was hoisted to the rafters, being only the 6th player in the over 80 year history of the detroit redwings to have the honor destowed upon them. the number 19 will never play for the Detroit Redwings ever again.

Yzerman served his whole professional career, 22 seasons, with the redwings. of those 22 seasons, for the past 19 fans at "The Joe" sawe the captain "C" on Yzermans jersey. He was not only the youngest captain, but the longest serving captain the NHL's long history.

Even on the night that was all about him, he was the same old captain. He did everything possible to take the spotlight off of him and onto others.

"My jersey is going to go up there and I hope as you watch it go up, and when you come back and see it, you give yourself a pat on the back because you're a big reason why that jersey is up there," he said. "It doesn't represent what I did, but what we did as an organization."

Steve Yzerman has always been a hero of mine, when I realize all that I have seen yzerman in the past 9-10 seasons I realize that I jsut caught the tail end of his career, that he has been the captain of the Redwings longer than I have been alive. When Hall of fame coach Scotty Bowman spoke of Yzerman he said that at the start of the 2002 play-offs he was sure in his mind of Yzerman was in any shape to play. that thought was put to rest when yzerman played in every game and led by example his he and the wings won the Stanley Cup.

to people who dont follow hockey or watch the redwings he may seem like just another captain who retired after a long career, but to those who watched and knew, he was much more. Yzerman was the type of prefessional athlete that we need mroe of these days. He is one of the most modest people you will ever meet. as a captain he leads by example, not by yelling, or scare tactics. He is the type of man boys want to grow up to be and the type of person parents want their children to be.

When I look back at my high school career I wish I could have been more of a leader like him. as I look back i realize that I could have made more of an impact if I just would have payed attention to the leader right in front of me, if I would have just led like Yzerman. I apologize to all whom I was the leader to for not doing my best.

Steve Yzerman has made a profound impact on my life in a very positive way, he has shown me the kind of man I want to be and the kind of man we should all want to be like. Thank you Steve, for showing me the right way to do things, you are indeed my captain.
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Weather you realize it or not...Everyone is a New Orleans Saints fan tonight...

13 months after the devestation...13 months after hell was unleashed upon our countrymen...13 months after the nation and the world took stock in what we have, because those people lost everything they had... the superdome is no longer a place for refugees, it is no longer a place of despair, it is a place of celebration and pride. It has been 21 months, almost 2 years, since the Saints played a home game, in that time they have played 20 straight road games. 20 road games is 2 1/2 seasons worth of road games for a regular teams. I am writing this during the actual pregame, and a commercial just came on from nike saying how a football game cannot rebuild houses, fix levees, give their lives back, but a football game can let a city know that, in fact, it is a city once again.

Football is many things, but one thing we know it can do is bring people hope, this was proven after september 11th and is proven once again tonight. As I am writing this, an absolutly amazing thning just happened. after playing tight defence on the Atlanta Falcons first drive, the falcons choose to punt of 4th and 10. The ball was snapped and a whole opened up right in the center of the falcons line as one of the saints sprinted through the line got to the kicker right as he kicked. He was so close he blocked the punt, the ball hits the ground and starts rolling twords the endzone. Right as it cross' the goal line a man wearing a white jersey with gold and black pants falls on it for the first saints touchdown at home in 21 months just 90 seconds into their homecoming.

The Atlanta falcons are trying to make this football game into JUST a football game, is anybody really buying that? I'm not.

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic

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THe tigers clinched a play-off birth for the 1st time since 1987 today with a win over the Kansas City Royals
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so I played football with some guys from band today...

for the record I was the only freshman there...and most of the guys there are either in shape enough to PLAY for Ball State or are about 200-225 lbs.

I think I held my own...I mean it was 2 hand touch....but I still got a touchdown...was SOOO clase to getting an interception and got a fair share of tackles...

hell they even put my on the biggest and fasted guy on their team...and I covered him pretty well... he didnt get anymore touchdowns at least...

I'm not even gonan get into the weekend of football...and please dont go there...this may b the WORST weekend of football ever for me...but anyways...everything else is good...I cant wait to play football again

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aw jeez...no way....I'm back....

yeah yeah....I know i said I was leaving Lj cuz all it did was create drama...but guess what...


Can I get a woop woop?....guess not...

Yes, I am here from glorious Muncie Indiana (Ball State University)...ok so its not so glorious, but I do absolutly love it here. I've made some great freinds already. (without forgeting about all you guys back home, if I could bring you all here I would) but yeah classes are good. It's wierd being in 50 min. classes monday, wednesday, and friday cuz after bein in 86 min. classes for 3 years it's like how the hell can we get anything done in only 50 min.? but we do. SO. I joined a Sketch Comedy show here on campus called "Something Else TV". It's freakin AMAZING. our 1st episode of the season just came out on monday called "Slime and DLD0s" don't understand the title?...oh well...Watch the damn episode. (it's on the website, www.somethingelsetv.com) Also I am in the marching band which is kind of wierd cuz apparently in past years the band has been a joke to people, undiciplined and such, but now we have a new director and it's amazing...think Dr. Butts whoose jokes are are actually Funny, and doesnt have to worry about any backlash from parents for his actions. This guy is amazing.

so I think that is all for now...just giving an update so far to collegge life....

and todays random fack of the day is a regulation MLB baseball has 108 stitches in it.

Current Mood: excited Excited 4 the home game sat.
Current Music: Ready for you - Hoobastank

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Kirby Puckett has died at the age of 44.

He was a member of the Minnesota Twins for 12 years and lead the twins to 2 World Series Titles in 5 years.

His career numbers may not be legendary but thats because his career was cut short because of and eye problem.

in 1991 the twins played the atlanta braves, after going down 3-2 in the series the series returned to Minnesota needing 2 wins to be the champions. Puckett famously walked into the clubhouse hours before Game 6, cajoling his teammates to jump on his back and let him carry them to victory. Sure enough, after robbing Ron Gant of an extra-base hit with a leaping catch against the wall in the third inning, Puckett homered off Charlie Leibrandt in the bottom of the 11th to force Game 7.

In the mid-1990's when players rarely stayed on a team for a few years, Puckett was one of those who stayed on 1 team for his whole career...he was faithful to one city...one group of devoted fans...some of which were and still are only fans of baseball because of him.

Some may say that the scandals after his career was over including an allegid threat to kill his wife, and a minneapolis woman accusing him of sexual assault, tanished his legendary career as minnesota's favorite twin, but in my mind Kirby will always be Kirby...a bouyant, barrel-shaped ourfielder, who always wore a smile on the field.

Kirby, when I was learning how to play baseball when i was young, I looked to you to show me how a man should handle the difficult and sometimes frusterating game. Nothing I type in here can ever describe how much you have taught me. You were loved by many, and will continue to be loved, and you will be missed.

R.I.P. Kirby Pucket, dead at age 44
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Everyone...i'm getting of Lj....

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well tonight was fun...

my FIRST PAID gig as a sound technition...

my name was even in the program...

Liz's Wedding sounded absolutly amazing due to the amazing technical job done by the PROFESSIONAL sound technition....thats right I am a professional because I got piad for it
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