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R.I.P. Kirby Puckett... - datsyuk
R.I.P. Kirby Puckett...
Kirby Puckett has died at the age of 44.

He was a member of the Minnesota Twins for 12 years and lead the twins to 2 World Series Titles in 5 years.

His career numbers may not be legendary but thats because his career was cut short because of and eye problem.

in 1991 the twins played the atlanta braves, after going down 3-2 in the series the series returned to Minnesota needing 2 wins to be the champions. Puckett famously walked into the clubhouse hours before Game 6, cajoling his teammates to jump on his back and let him carry them to victory. Sure enough, after robbing Ron Gant of an extra-base hit with a leaping catch against the wall in the third inning, Puckett homered off Charlie Leibrandt in the bottom of the 11th to force Game 7.

In the mid-1990's when players rarely stayed on a team for a few years, Puckett was one of those who stayed on 1 team for his whole career...he was faithful to one city...one group of devoted fans...some of which were and still are only fans of baseball because of him.

Some may say that the scandals after his career was over including an allegid threat to kill his wife, and a minneapolis woman accusing him of sexual assault, tanished his legendary career as minnesota's favorite twin, but in my mind Kirby will always be Kirby...a bouyant, barrel-shaped ourfielder, who always wore a smile on the field.

Kirby, when I was learning how to play baseball when i was young, I looked to you to show me how a man should handle the difficult and sometimes frusterating game. Nothing I type in here can ever describe how much you have taught me. You were loved by many, and will continue to be loved, and you will be missed.

R.I.P. Kirby Pucket, dead at age 44
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