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I would like to extend a big "FUCK YOU" to who ever STOLE all the medals and pins off of my letter jacket today...I really just felt like crying this afternoon when I realized they were gone

I look in my sisters room and see shelves of all her dance trophies...I go to my freinds houses and see all their trophies and medals from sports and such...well all I had was my letter jacket, with my 3 medals, and 4 pins...those were my trophies...and such mother fucker with an attitude decided because I am involved in so many band activities and love to play music with all my heart, that he should steal things from me....because im "just a band geek" and he/she is SOOOOO much better than me...

well you know what...this prooves that I am better than you, so kiss my ass and fuck off...

....that is all...
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I am now the PROUD owner of 4...count them...4!! seasons of the show "24"....

The TRUE fans got season 4 the 1st day it was availible AND from best buy to get the limited edition "clip-on" "24" watch....

thank you,
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You scored as Mark. You're Mark! You bury yourself in your work and you tend to stay to the sidelines, but you're sweet and adorable. You probably fall in love hard, and you have trouble saying no. Remember, the fangirls love you when no one else does!


















What RENT Character Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

and these are totally unchanged...that is ACUALLY my score...I knew I loved him for a reason
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ok is it jsut me...or should we ALL feel sorry for Mark from "rent" cuz he is like the ONLY one doesnt get some in the movie or play...

he is the wisest charicter the whole damn thing...."the opposite of war isn't peace, its creation"...

I feel bad that he gets no tail...
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I <3 snow....mo' bitches
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For those whpo havn't seen the news, a strong tornado went though kentucky/southwestern indiana last night...

also for those who dont nkow, that is right wherer I lived...they are saying the strongest city hit was Newburgh Indiana...where I lived for 2 years...

my freinds...all those I still care for...I've only been able to get ahold of 1 person...

please kep those in your heart...the death toill is at 17...17 of my neighbors dead...

it may have only been 2 years...but I feel so helpless...I want to do so much for them...I feel so helpless....
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Hey all, so not much is really new here...kinda boring...there was the last TOB meeting and alll, so becca came over, we hung out in my basement, found out she got into college (Winthrop University) so congrats to her.

football won last night, so we are are almost guarenteed a home playoff game. so is it jsut me or should we perform at it?...maybe not the show, but dad was sayin we get in a big arc do a movement from west side, then have the brass emsemble play somethin, play another movement, have a little percussion thing, then do some more movements...anad then end eith teh fight song...oh well...

so jazz band performance friday, to honor vernon...lol...to any jazz band members, if I come off as an ass when im setting us up for clas or a performance, im sorry, im jsut tryin to make mt last jazz band the best...
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so would anyone really care if I jsut kinda, fell off the face of the earth?...

cuz lately no matter WHAT I DO....im pissing someone off, being rude, using too much common sense...

so tell me...would anyone really mind...or should I jsut like quit everything im in so i dont have to bother any of you anymore

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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How can I be Burnt out after a week and a half of school...

how far away is 6/6/06?
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I message to all Halo Fans and maybe even non-Halo Fans.

Bungie is pitching in to the hurricane relief also in its own way.

That Link takes you to a T-shirt that they Designed, the cost is 20.00, with 15.00 going twords the Red Cross, and 5.00 going twords acually making the shirt.

Any little bit can help guys, so please, this is a great way for halo fans to contribute
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